Talley Family Tree

William H. Talley (Willis Hill?), b. 1798,VA | Nicey Carver (Stacy Nicy Bryant?), b. 1799, NC
Married Sept. 16, 1822 in Person Co., NC. 
Lived at Thatcher's Landing, near Bald Hill Cemetery in Birchwood, TN.
12 Children: Joel A., b. 1823; James Pleasant, b. 1829; Jesse Robert, 1827; William Compton, 1828; Nicey, 1833; Mary, 1835; Nancy A., 1839; Moses, 1839 Charles L., 1841; Barten Wilson, 1842; Sarah, 1843; Joseph, 1845.

2nd Wife: Martha Cates Rector
Willis E., David Ellington b.Aug. 13 1857, Greenberry Kates b. Oct. 161858, Martha Lucinda b.1869.

Joel A. Talley, b. 1823, NC | Sarah Elizabeth Roark, b. 1834, Hamilton Co. TN
Married, 1845. Yes, she was 12. 8 Children: Amanda, 1847; Elizabeth, 1850; Mary, 1852; Joseph W., 1856; Benjamin L. 1859; Andrew Jackson, 1861; Margaret Ellen, 1864; James William; 1867. 
Sarah Elizabeth Roark was the daughter of Joseph & Juda Carr Roark. 
Her father, Joseph was the son of Timothy Roark and Sarah Bolen.
Juda was the daughter of Samuel Carr and Martha, Mary, Margaret?.
After Joel's death, Sarah married Henry Killian and moved to Texas. 
She's buried in Hightower Cemetery, in Erath Co. Texas

James William Talley, b. 1867 | Elsie Jane Smith, b. 1873
10 Children: Maude Lee, 1892; Oscar, 1873; Joseph Bryan, 1898; Elizabeth, Thomas Jefferson, Annie Marie, Robert Haskel, Samuel Earl, Ruby Jewell, Diamond Jane.
Elsie was the daughter of Sam A. & Mariane Louisa Cookston Smith.
Mariane was the daughter of Joseph Cookston, Jr. & Sarah Haney.
Joseph Cookston, Jr. was the son of Joseph Cookston & Christina Vandergriff.
Joseph Sr. also had a Cherokee wife, Jenny Hildebrand. She was in Nancy Ward's direct line.

Joseph Bryan Talley, b. 9May1898 | Bessie Mae McCallie, b. 14May1899 
9 Children: Bill, Jim, Bruce, J.B. Jr., Marvin, Jessie, Pat, Betty, Mary Ruth. 
Married 9Oct1921


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