McCallie Family Tree

Alexander McCallie | Margret Majough
Lived in Widtown Parish, Scotland
6 Children: Andrew McCallie, Simon, Mary, Ann, Archibald, John
Archibald and John came to Philadelphia in 1775.

John McCallie b. 8Jan1754 | Mary McCullough b. 7Feb1758
4 Children; Agnes Nancy, Thomas McCallie, Elizabeth While, Archibald
Married 8April1845. 
Mary was John's second wife. First wife was Nancy Burney and had 5 sons & 4 daughters. 
Thomas married Mary Hooke. Their son, Thomas Hooke McCallie had two sons, Spenser and James Park who founded McCallie School in Chattanooga. The daughter, Grace Eliza, was a founder of GPS

Archibald McCallie, b. 9July1802 | Sarah Thompson, b. 21Oct1798, NC
10 Children: Alexander, Angeline, 1824; Mery, 1827, John, 1829; Jane; Ellen; Rachel, 1836; Adalaid, 1838; Sarah Ann, 1840; Archibald Lafayette, b. 1843.
Married 26July1821 in Blount Co. TN

Archibald Lafayette McCallie, b. 23 Aug. 1843 | Margaret Ann Roark, b. 11May1842
9 Children: John Preston, 1866; Archibald Alexander, 1867; Thomas Jefferson, 1869; James Leonard, 1871; Sarah Jane, 1874; William Hays, 1877; Margaret Adalaid, 1878; Elizabeth Ellen, 1880; Amanda Angeline, 1883. 
Married 22July1864 in Hamilton Co. TN. 
Margaret Ann Roark was the daughter of John Roark & Margaret Gross Roark. 
John Roark was the son of Timothy Roark & Sarah Bolen making
John was the brother of Joseph Roark, making Granny and Grandpa 3rd cousins.
(See Joseph & Juda Carr Roark in the Talley file.) <G>

James Leonard McCallie, b. 26March1871 | Stacy Stulce, b. 30Nov1874
6 Children: John Harrison, 1892; Mary Ellen, 1894; James Alexander, 1898; Bessie May, 1899, Daniel Leonard, 1903; Josephine Katheren, 1Feb1906.
Married 30July1890. Stacy died young, 1907.
Stacy's parents were Leonard Harmon Stulce & Sarah Wright.
Leonard's parents were Abner L. Stults & Nancy Burnett.

Joseph Bryan Talley, b. 9May1898 | Bessie Mae McCallie, b. 14May1899 
9 Children: Bill, Jim, Bruce, J.B. Jr., Marvin, Jessie, Pat, Betty, Mary Ruth. 
Married 9Oct1921


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